Technical Engineering Support (TES) is an engineering company created 30 years ago, specializing in test coordination and industrial commissioning. TES also assists its customers in participating in the design and coordination of the assembly of industrial equipment.
Our permanent concern is to ensure traceability and the use of field experience to make installations safer and more efficient.

Board of Directors

Carlos SORIANO - General Manager

Rémy VINCENT - Operations Director

Claude VEAU - Development Director

Our commitments and values

  • Be Professional: valuing professionalism to improve customer service.
  • Being a Partner: the concern of partnership in trust and duration to foster balanced and transparent relationships with our interlocutors.
  • Cultivating Team Spirit: team spirit to undertake, innovate and create, to strengthen solidarity and synergies.
  • Respect the environment: respect for the environment to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way.
  • Creating value: the search for value creation to increase profitability and financial solidity, a guarantee of the company's autonomy and sustainability.
  • Conducting with Ethics: the requirement of an ethic that is imposed on all to ensure that these values are lived out in respect for others


Our clients' needs

  • Bring your construction project to completion while controlling its integrity and safety
  • Management of the realization and monitoring of the execution
  • Quality of the work and respect of the costs of execution within the planned deadlines
  • Operational assistance

Project engineering - Consulting - Studies

TES supports its customers, major industrial clients, prime contractors or assemblers, from design studies to the commissioning and operation of processes.

TES sets up multidisciplinary project management and specialist teams.

TES also participates in the development and implementation of innovative products to optimize project costs and lead times by combining new technologies, such as spare parts management and RFID-based storage warehouses.

Our business lines


  • Coordination, testing and commissioning of your installations


  • Project assistance in terms of costs, deadlines and risks.


  • Supervise the complete implementation of the follow-up of the execution. Management of the relationship with the client, the design office, the control office and all other parties involved 
  • Coordination, organization, optimization, control and implementation 
  • Organisation of the site (equipment, personnel, planning, costs and risks, optimisation of methods)


  • Control, animation and supervision in the fields of health, safety, quality and environment


  • Capitalize on our experience from our work on industrial sites to provide you with advice and train your teams in order to improve the performance of your operations.
  • Process optimization and reliability
  • Logistics management
  • Document management

Our value added

  • A team of experienced specialists
  • Methodologies and procedures based on our knowledge and experience
  • Specific tools developed by our experts based on our field experience

Our main fields of activity



Nuclear Power



To meet the growing need for energy, particularly electricity, while ensuring reliable processes that comply with environmental standards that limit carbon emissions, the electricity and steam production sectors for industry must face many technological challenges.
TES supports its clients in the management of major projects in France and around the world, providing expertise in Basic Design (detailed studies), BOP (Balance of Plant) of pipelines and electrical networks, as well as in the coordination of the assembly and commissioning of installations.
TES participates in national (France) and international (UK, China, Finland) programmes for the development of new nuclear generation facilities, as well as programmes to extend the life of existing plants.


Historically, TES has always participated and supported its clients on their major new construction or revamping projects. 

TES is a gateway for feedback to enrich new projects and thus contribute to their success in terms of cost and reliability. 

TES also provides the interface during studies and commissioning with specialists in new technologies related to information systems or digital engineering, as well as for fields related to functional safety and operational reliability of installations.


TES has always had a strong relationship with the shipbuilding industry. 

TES participates in MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) projects in the mechanical, electrical and automation fields.

"T.E.S. is familiar with the techniques and specificities of our businesses and has met our expectations within the deadlines set. Its availability, responsiveness and highly qualified staff have been essential in carrying out their missions. The T.E.S. teams have broad skills enabling them to carry out a global mission ranging from supervision of assembly to commissioning of on-site installations. I would also like to highlight their high adaptability to a foreign working environment. »

Production Manager for the manufacture of international sugar purification plants

"During the industrial commissioning of a combustion turbine power plant, we quickly felt the need to be assisted, as Support to a Contracting Owner, by a competent and responsive company. We called on T.E.S. who provided us with his method, rigour and advice in business management. Their teams were very effective and the results were excellent."

Deputy Director of several thermal power plants

We're recruiting

Superviseur GC/Structure (F/H)
Tournus, France Saône-et-Loire
Directeur de Chantier (F/H)
Tournus, France Saône-et-Loire
Coordinateur mise en service Biomasse - Traitement de fumées (F/H)
Bois-Rouge, France La Réunion
Chef de projet Electrotechnique (F/H)
Marseille, France Bouches-du-Rhône
Ingénieur Procédés Hydrogène (F/H)
Stains, France Seine Saint-Denis
Projeteur/Modeleur BIM TCE (F/H)
Toulon, France Var
Ingénieur Etudes VRD (F/H)
Marseille, France Bouches du Rhône
Ingénieur Modélisation DYMOLA (F/H)
STAINS, France
Responsable Management des Opérations RMO (F/H)
Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, France Bouches-du-Rhône
Ingénieur QA/QC (F/H)
St Paul Lez Durance, France PACA
Modélisateur BIM Electricité (F/H)
Gennevilliers, France Hauts-de-Seine
Ingénieur Génie Mécanique Tuyauterie (F/H) Secteur Gazier
Bois-Colombes, France Hauts-de-Seine
Administrateur AVEVA (F/H)
Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, France, France Bouches-du-Rhône
Ingénieur Modélisation, Simulation CFD (F/H)
Stains, France Ile-de-France
Postes à pouvoir (F/H)
Colombes, France Hauts-de-Seine

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Technical Engineering Support

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